Malte Stehr


Malte Stehr graduated with a B.Sc. in the subject Digital Media at the University of Bremen, before continuing his studies in Animation- and Effects Producing at the Animationsinstitut of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
During his studies at the Animationsinstitut he grew a major interest in working on virtual reality projects. In his work as a producer of the Animationsinstitut he worked on several projects: the 360° documentary Lionhearted, the interactive VR experience The Blues and his current work on MindPalace.

– MindPalace (2018) / animated vr short / dir: Carl Krause, Dominik Stockhausen

– Ratatoskr (2018) / animated short / dir: Meike Müller

– Swim (2018) / animated short / dir: Meike Koller

– The Blues (2017) / vr experience / dir: Caty Davis Blättermann

– Lionhearted (2017) / 360 documentary / dir: Ricarda Saleh